Teens and Preteens

Is your teen or preteen struggling? Are arguments with your teen taking over your relationship?  I truly love working with teens, and my clients say I help them build a bridge of communication between my teen clients and their parents.  

Some areas of focus for teen and preteen therapy might include:

  • Redirecting parent-teen conflict toward constructive communication, finding new ways to connect and relate
  • Helping teens cope with family changes like moving, divorce, loss
  • Handling intense academic pressures, test anxiety, stress
  • Working with negative body image, dieting, and emotional eating
  • Constructively handling bullying, peer pressure, social media - supporting your teen in thinking for themselves
  • Building social skills while not always needing to "fit in" with the crowd
  • Developing a healthy body image in the face of enormous peer/media pressure to be thin/pretty/impossibly perfect
  • Helping students with the difficult transition to Middle School and High School
  • Developing true self-confidence and self worth
  • Strengthening goals, intentions, expanding on dreams of future
  • Reducing dangerous risk-taking, strengthening internal compass
  • Exploring healthy boundaries with dating, sexuality
  • Coping with feelings of sadness, lethargy, depression
  • Healing past or current traumaabuse
  • Coping with and processing grief and loss

The teen and preteen years are a vulnerable time for families, but counseling can help ease the growing pains.  Teens, parents, and their relationships are my top priority, and I have seen families make huge positive changes in their lives and relationships. No matter how challenging your situation, there is always hope.

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